What is this site for?

The project exchange lets companies and other organisations post projects to be taken on by teams of students from Edinburgh Napier University's School of Computing.

What sort of projects are we talking about?

The students from the School of Computing have a wide range of skills covering the spectrum from hard technical areas like software development and security through to creative and business-oriented ones like sound design, digital video and project management. A project could centre on just one of these areas or have a mix of requirements. Each team is assembled based on the nature of the project, and all projects are discussed with a member of academic staff in advance to make sure that it is appropriate. Back-burner projects are the best fit - those that you are unlikely to get around to yourself, but which would have a clear benefit if successful. Please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form if you would like to discuss an idea before listing it here.

When do projects take place?

Projects start in January and end in April each year. To maximise the chances of a team taking a project on, it should be submitted for listing before the end of November.